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Wild Style Design Company introduced you to our Marketing Liaison, Holly McBride, a few days ago. We now want to mention that she is also our newest addition to the design team, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!!!

Holly has been working hard to be fully-trained. She brings such a light and an excitement to her work, and was so well received at her first public gig in Lincoln at the Balloon Festival this weekend, that we thought this was the perfect time to share…

So without further ado… and in true “Wild” Style… Check out her interview!

Name: Holly McBride

Title: Wild Style Designer/Marketing Liaison

Tell us about yourself: I have been married to my supportive and wonderful husband for almost 12 years, have 2 amazing and (in my humble opinion) beautiful children. My family means everything to me. I like being surrounded by supportive, positive and creative people. Having that base of people helps keep me focused on what is important in life, my personal and professional goals and I hope I’m able to give back all that they give to me. I feel blessed on a daily basis and challenged to make each day matter. I LOVE art and design. I am so lucky to be able to do what I love each and every day in my professional life. I run my own design and marketing company and simply am passionate about my job.

How did you come to Wild Style? I have been blessed to know the owners for a while now and the more I got to know them, the more I admired their talents, passion for art, ability and desire for continuous education and in-turn teach that to others to help benefit their skills and their connections to people and work philosophy.  All those that represent Wild Style are people that I enjoy being surrounded by with their creative energy and supportive nature. There are many painters in this community that are also fantastically positive, talented and supportive.  I chose to represent Wild Style DC because they echo every value I have and in every way.

What makes you a specialist in your area of expertise?  Simply put a PASSION for what I do. And 19 years of experience doing it also helps!

What are you looking forward to most in this field? …To learn, to grow, to be pushed beyond my current abilities…and to have even more creative thoughts and abilities than I can imagine. I want to be able to paint and see smiles on children or to have teens or adults swagger away with confidence and attitude based on your creative abilities and their trust in you….simply amazing to feel and do.

Favorite Color: Bright “Spring” Green

Favorite Design: Too Many! LOL! But my daughter LOVES the Peacock!

Favorite Song to Design To: Anything Disney. Walt Disney is somebody I have always admired and aspired to be like. Soundtracks from Disney’s movies help me channel that admiration and inspiration.

Favorite Summer Treat: Bomb Pops!

Favorite Quote: “Keep Moving Forward!” ~Meet the Robinsons

Anything else we need to know or share about you?   I can’t sing but think I can.  Be kind when you remind me!!

What/Who inspires you?  My family. My friends. My Faith….and of course, as mentioned earlier, Walt Disney.


I promise, all of you will LOVE her as much as we do! Holly is an amazing creative mind with such a refreshing, enthusiastic spirit… and true love of painting…

Find Holly September 1 from 1-7 pm at Mr. Turtle’s Backyard Bash put on by the Champaign Park District…