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Wild Style had another amazing weekend – but I guess they are all amazing when you love your job this much!

Shelly was at

The Daily Grind Coffee House in Mahomet.  You have GOT to check this place out owner, Tamera and her staff are GREAT.  The chicken salad is incredible.  Shelly painted faces at The Coffee House on Saturday for Eastwood Plaza Extravaganza….live music and local art is displayed.

Check out some pictures of the cuties Shelly got to paint!

Kristi and JP were at a French Fort Rendezvous in Creve Ceour, and it was actually quite interesting! We will be back there in the Fall for another gathering… Not sure what was the most fun, the great kiddos we met painting and doing henna tats, or Watson, the Russian Tortoise that hung out with us! Here are a few pics:


Almost forgot to include a few great pics from JP’s night at the races Friday… Here they are, along with the website. It’s a great time for the family, so we hope to see all of you soon!


I am hoping to have Parisa and Kara’s interviews up this week so all of our fans know ALL of our designers! Also, look for a special featured interview with a fellow entertainer coming soon!

Hope you all have a blessed week!