Calling All Spooks…

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Halloween2013-WEBWe are so excited to announce a first for our Studio. Owners have finally decided to begin sharing our expertise on the most disgusting of subjects. We will be hosting a three-part series of makeup classes targeting the Haunt Season! These classes are of pro quality, and only open to Makeup Artists, Face and Body Painters, and those with proven affiliation to a Halloween Haunt. Seating is extremely limited, and already half of the spots are gone.

These workshops are meant to build on one another, but can be effective taken independently as well. At a third of the cost of the classes offered in “The City,” you will still gain ALL of the hands-on experience, ALL of the knowledge, and ALL of the fun!

Please contact us right away for invoicing if you would like to reserve your spot, as today is the first day the classes have been opened up, and there are few seats left…

Don’t be Scared…. it will be a HAUNTING good time!

Just click on the link below for more info. Can’t wait to see you there!

Halloween 2013 Flyer (PDF format)

Looking Something for the Kiddos to do This Summer???….

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… then look no further!

Since opening our Studio at 216 N. Center Street in downtown Bloomington this Spring, we have been adding programs right and left – to take advantage of the AMAZING space we have been blessed with…

With a goal of really creating an environment of Art, Creativity, and Positivity, we have finally found a way to get the kids involved as well! Wild Style Design Company is partnering with Young Rembrandts this summer. Young Rembrandts is an incredible nationwide program that caters to children that have just completed 1st through 5th grade. Using all dry media, these hands on workshops teach children to draw, beginning with the basics – then sending them home with a completed work each time they attend! It’s incredible!

Young Rembradts

There will be two workshops running at WSDC studio this year. Each workshop session will be 4 weeks long, and will meet weekly. The first will run in June, and the second in August. The classes are super affordable, the teaching is superb, the outcome is incredible… and who knows, there MAY even be FACE PAINTING at the final class each month!

The first month will be Safari Animal themed, and the second month will focus on famous artists. Seating is extremely limited, so please contact us right away to sign up your kids! Here is a link to the registration form…
Have a beautiful week!

Can I Have Your Attention Please?!…..

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Can I Have Your Attention Please?!…..

Wild Style Design Company has a MAJOR announcement to share with our friends today!

It was with MUCH contemplation, planning, and decision making that we have come to an exciting new phase of our Business, and I am THRILLED to be able to share it with our friends!

2012 was full of training, learning, and growing for our new company – and we spent the majority of the year striving towards our first set of Company standards and goals:

  • New Levels of Artistry
  • Heightened Professionalism
  • Refreshing Standards of Customer Service

…and more!…

Wild Style Design Company set and MET goals to expand into innovative design, strike a visual note that would set us apart, and stretch body art into exciting new worlds. We have brought you cutting edge designs in the world of Children’s Face Painting, striking beauty in the ancient art of Henna Tattoo, and some signature company looks including custom tribals, body graffiti, and women’s highly glittered Diva Designs!

In an ever-changing industry, our company must also be molded to meet the trends and demands. WSDC will be offering a variety of new options in body art for our patrons while maintaining the standards of execution we have always had. Now, we will be adding the following options for our incredible customers, clients, and friends:

  • Body Art for Prenatal and Boudoir Photography
  • CAB Designs – Customized Advertisement Bodywraps. Translation: logo or company specific (family friendly) body painting for advertisement by print, video, or at venues such as special events or expos
  • Cosmetic and Airbrushed Makeup Artistry – Think Bridal, Prom, Homecoming, Holiday, Special Occasion.
  • Special FX for Theater, Halloween, and Special Events.
  • Hands-on Cosmetic Classes and Makeup Workshops for every age from pre-teen to Sassy Seniors!

Excited yet? Because the best part of the announcement is still coming. The Wild Bunch will continue to be seen at Festivals, Fairs, Corporations, and Special Events and Organizations across the area doing what we have always done best. Our newest art forms, however will be offered at our new “place!” (I just squealed with excitement as I typed that!)


Wild Style Design Company – Beauty and Art Studio

will be located in a beautiful 1200 square foot building downtown Bloomington on the Square at 216 N. Center Street!

I could type all day about the details of each new form of living art we will be offering, but I am going to leave you with a few details now. Then, as we approach our grand opening, you will be able to find information on our Facebook pages and weekly blogs on each site.

We have launched a Facebook Page for the Studio location, and it is already stocked with our renovation pictures. We will be keeping it updated as we progress. Please “like” the page

Photo Dec 30, 12 21 43 PM

There is also a new web address for the Studio and the art performed there. This webpage is under construction, but I will still include the address so you can check it out!

We are planning on being open by March, with a grand opening and ribbon cutting towards the end of the month – along with an awesome kids day scheduled as well!

Stay tuned, and make sure to subscribe to our blogs and like us on facebook to track our progress!

One more thing – and the most important by far. We credit this growth and expansion to two specific powers… (I’ll try to keep this from sounding like a bad Oscar Speech)  😉

First. God. Our Co-Owners are women who believe whole-heartily that the growth and success of this company has been directed and completely orchestrated by the direction we have been given. We are driven to serve others and help them feel beautiful or special. It’s beyond exciting to have a new place to do it!

Finally. YOU. All of you. Clearly, Wild Style wouldn’t be here without the warm, accepting embrace of an incredible community. We are thankful every second of every day for our remarkable free-lance artists, clients, customers, family, and friends.


Kristi Horna & Shelly Gehrt
Wild Style Design Company

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!!!

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Happy 2013 everyone! We are getting SO EXCITED about what we have lined up in 2013 for our clients, customers, and designers that we can’t hardly STAND it!

2012 was beyond our “Wildest” dreams! Our owners were certain that it would be a modest crew of two for at least the first few years in operation. So, we were as surprised as anyone when we expanded to train other artists to join The Wild Bunch. To date, we are operating with SEVEN professional designers who are each fully trained in their respective art. The people in our life and in our business are incredible – each different from the next!

in the first 9 months of business, Wild Style logged gigs at OVER 200 separate VENUES! This doesn’t account for multiple painter bookings OR multiple day bookings at the same place. The excitement that a new choice and a fresh take has generated in Central Illinois has been staggeringly humbling. It’s incredible to build a business together that people are genuinely excited about. It’s so exciting to expand and grow with each client adding to the pool of amazing people we have the honor of interacting with!

With the missions statement of creating “The NEXT generation of face painting for Central Illinois,” and standards of heightened artistry, impeccable customer service, and continuous growth – we have been able to offer so many artistic options for our clients and customers that are new and different! Last year, we offered or introduced to the area:

-A new, exciting look in Children’s Face Painting (for the young… AND young at heart!)

-Henna artistry led by an expert designer exhibiting the best the area has to offer in traditional and trendy mehndi.

-Our trademark Diva Designs… Highly glittered, glamorous, cosmetic eye designs for women. These have been done at Galas, Bike Shows, Women’s Night Out events, etc. It’s pretty cool to offer something that “Wows” the way these do!

-Painted Tribal “Tats” and Body Graffiti. This includes our signature graffiti style cause ribbons, and definitely caters to a more grown up crowd.

-CABs (Customized Advertising Bodywraps) Translation: family friendly body painting featuring logos, products, companies, etc. These have and will be featured at places like auto shows, expos, and opening events.

While the mastery of these skills has been a blast this year, we feel well-versed enough to expand what we have to offer… and WHERE we offer it! (How’s that for a teaser?)

This Friday, January 11th, will be an exciting day for Wild Style Design Company. We will be launching into the next phase of our company, and let me just promise you now…

“You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!”

So, stay tuned, watch the facebook page and subscribe to the blog – because this will be HUGE!


Have a WILD Halloween!

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October 31st is always such a significant day in the life of a body artist. This marks the very last day of our “Busy Season…” FORTUNATELY, we have so many exciting events on the calendar already to keep us busy throughout the Winter months – with more coming in every day!

Yesterday at Uptown Normal’s Treat Feast, we were so inspired at the way patrons opened their pockets to donate for face painting to benefit little Alivia, and we began to reflect on the past months of our business. November 1st always seems to be the “first day” of the Holiday Season, so we would like to share some things we are Thankful for. This is not a comprehensive list, but definitely covers some of the more exciting happenings over the course of the first seasons of our business.

We have seen well over TEN THOUSAND hits to our website since March 1st. Every hit is exciting, as is every single one of our over 200 facebook fans! These numbers blow us away!

We have had the opportunity to expand into areas of the body art field that we have always been interested in, and having the freedom to explore these art forms has been a blast. We have been able to add a Henna Specialist to really catapult our henna team to great heights. We have also explores and begun to enter the world of adult body art with our Diva Designs, body graffiti, and promo girl art. There is more on the horizon than I could BEGIN to detail, but this has been pretty exciting for our first year!

We have surround ourselves with an incredible team of individuals who have quickly become family. Each of our designers is so special and unique, and we completely ADORE them. They each add a special set of skills and gifts that enhance what we have to offer our customers. It is so exciting to share a singular purpose with these amazing people.

Or Clients and Customers are incredible. We were overwhelmed (in a good way) at the number of clients and customers that have literally run into our arms – so excited about the refreshing experience that Wild Style offers… From elevated artistry, to a very special and genuine love for people and standard of how we treat them… it has just been amazing to meet and build relationships with each and every one of you. From the smallest private party to the largest corporate client – you have each taught us and “fed” us in our first year of business. We look forward to long, lasting relationships with all of you!

The honor to have gifts and talents that we can use to give back to our community and those in need has been incredible. We have been able to raise funds and donate our time to such special organizations and individuals, and that has been so touching. We are looking forward to continuing our effort to help Precious Alivia’s family this Saturday!

It has been a blast to be featured on two different news programs and two radio stations as well with our special FX work this season, and we thank the media who has been so excited and supportive in our efforts to create!

The momentum is building by the day, and we are more than honored. I can’t tell you how privileged we feel… how incredibly BLESSED and touched we are daily by our clients, customers, families, friends, and free-lancers. God had mapped out such an exciting path, and he never ceases to amaze us at the way he gift wraps his plans, opens the perfect doors, and provides opportunity after endless opportunity to touch the lives around us.

God is good, life is a gift, and this business is truly soul-feeding. We are so excited to see how far we have come as we move ahead to future plans that will blow our first year out of the water! I could go on and on about our gratitude, but I won’t keep you forever. I hope you all have a fantastic day with your families and a wonderful Holiday season…

Please keep Alivia’s family in your prayers and thoughts this season!




Close to our Hearts!!!

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Come see us on Tuesday, October 30, 2012
at the Town Of Normal’s Halloween Treat Feast at Uptown Normal from 5-6:30 on North Street

We will be offering our Mini-Masks, Full Masks, Fall Faces and “match my costume” for suggested tips.

While a small portion of the proceeds are given back to Uptown Normal for the event, we at Wild Style feel moved and called to give the rest of any proceeds and ALL tips we bring in to help “Prayers for Alivia“. Learn about this journey on Facebook to see the journey that this family is on. After you read about their story you can see why we feel overwhelmed and called to do all we can. All 6 of us painting on Tuesday at the Treat Feast in Uptown Normal have chosen to dedicate our time and give proceeds and tips to the “Prayers for Alivia” cause. We hope you visit us on the 30th and help us help this family!We will also be waiving all of our standard painting fees and painting for DONATIONS ONLY (with ALL donations being given to the “Prayers for Alivia” cause) at the benefit event on November 3rd from 7:00 to 11:00PM for our continued efforts to support this family and their cause.
Prayers for Alivia Fund Raiser:
Saturday, November 3, 2012 from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM
at the Knights of Columbia #574 at 1706 RT Dunn Road, Bloomington.
$10.00 for 13-Adult and $5.00 for 12 and under.

We’ve Been Among the Un-Dead!

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We’ve Been Among the Un-Dead!

So I’m SURE you all have thought “where have my blog postings been”?  Sorry, we have been among the Un-Dead during the month of October! 

We have been haunting all month long! You can find us at the Pekin Haunt (, the Clinton Chamber Haunted House ( and in Springfield at the Haunted Hayrack at Riverside Stable

Every weekend we have been transforming average humans into the un-dead flesh eating, newly transformed or stitched up zombies. It’s so much fun it’s scary!

We have also sponsored the FIRST ANNUAL Zombie Run in Champaign for the Champaign Park District! Shelly and Kristi got up hauntingly early to head out to Champaign on October 17th to paint zombies for the TV slot on the morning show promoting the run on WCIA. Then back on the day of the run on October 20th to paint ALL the Zombies involved in this SOLD OUT, HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL run! What a thrill!
We have MANY, MANY photos on our facebook page for the October 17th and 20th event. But also check out the Champaign facebook page too!
AND THIS VERY MORNING we are painting on The Susan Show on 101.5 WBNQ between 7:49 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. The United Way 2012 Campaign Chair, Barb Baurer, and Senior Director of Resource Development, Gina Mandros, will be transformed into zombies during the show by Wild Style Design Company!!!!
After listening to the interviews, make sure you “Like” Barb’s photo on the United Way Facebook page United Way of McLean County ! For every “Like” Barb gets, COUNTRY Financial will donate $1 to United Way (up to 1,000 “Likes”).Please share this blog posting with all of your friends, family members, and colleagues. We want everyone to listen to the show and “Like” Barb’s picture on Facebook.
And we are more than Zombie painters…we have been at school festivals, fall festivals, neighborhood festivals, private parties, sponsoring many area races, Missfits games, Bradly University Late Night, many fund-raisers such as the upcoming St. Mary’s Chili supper and we are back at LaGondola every 1st and 3rd Wednesday’s from 5-7 where KIDS EAT FREE on Wednesdays!
We have so many images to share with you but be warned…be very warned!

New Week – New Opportunities!

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New Week – New Opportunities!

At Wild Style, we can’t HELP but be excited, humbled, inspired, and completely DRIVEN by all that has happened over the past months! What a blessing it has been to have our company and our designers featured at Festivals, Fairs, Corporate Events, and Private Gatherings across the great State of Illinois! Never, in our Wildest dreams, would we have imagined a first year like this for our company. We have had the freedom to support worthy causes, the inspiration to expand our artistic range, and the privilege of building new and lasting relationships with clients and customers alike!

We are approaching the busiest month of a Face Painter’s year, and we are ending September on a high note with some of our favorite events! We can’t figure out what is most exciting – what all we have in store for the coming weeks… or the changes and updates that will be coming for next year! Here are some great locations you can find us at this coming weekend…

We Care Twin Cities Half Marathon

WSDC is so excited to be sponsoring this event. We have painted Dan, the brains behind the operation, as he rode the pace bike for the Susan B. Komen Race. And now, we can be found at Friday’s Expo where the painting is complimentary. (We can also be found on the back of the oh-so-cool race shirts that will go to the over 500 participants!) Wild Style MAY actually have to make an early morning appearance Saturday as well, so keep your eyes peeled! Here is more information about the Expo and the Races, kicking off at Eastview Christian Church:


Pekin Haunt

Looking for a uniquely haunting experience? Then look no further! This is one of the most unique, exciting, interactive Halloween experiences in the area! Pekin Paintball Park is hosting Pekin Haunt every Friday and Saturday night starting the last weekend of September and running through October. Imagine this: Riding on the custom, double-decker, battle wagon, armed to the hilt with a loaded paintball gun… Then being driven through the park where you get to unload on LIVE ZOMBIES! Do I have your attention yet? Check out the links below for more info. WSDC will be there every night, painting the zombies, then the patrons as well… we will be joined by a few radio stations and plenty of fun for all!

(I would include some spooky pics of our work, but I don’t want to spoil the fun!)

Apple and Pork Festival

Since 1968, the Apple and Pork Festial in Clinton Illinois, has ushered in Autumn for DeWitt County and it’s visitors. As a member of Clinton’s Chamber of Commerce, and long-time attenders, we are thrilled to be a part this year. You can find our Founders, Designers, and Specialists along Center Street located conveniently for your custom artwork. Prices start as low as $3 and we can’t wait to see all of our friends! We will have enough space for henna and face painting/body art, so don’t forget to stop! Remember to keep an eye out for our signature blue and green zebra print signage – you can’t miss it!


Superhero Saturday

This event is produced by the Junior League of Peoria, and promises a great time! There is more entertainment than possible packed into the Finish Line Ford Building on Pioneer Parkway. Costumes are welcomed and encouraged, face painting is top-notch, and with Bounce Houses by M & K, Peoria Playhouse, Peoria Zoo, Wildlife Prairie Park, and tons of superheros (service men and women) from local fire stations and more – there is more to experience than you even hoped for! The Junior League always produces top-notch events, and this one is no exception! Check out the link for more details on this unique experience!

Gearing up for a Wild Style Weekend!

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It’s crazy around here as always, so just a few quick notes for our friends to pass along…

We are now booking for Winter and Spring Corporate and Private events. Our calendar is already filling up into April of 2013, so we encourage you to contact us soon for your Holiday Event!

Here is a quick list of where our designers will be this weekend…

Fort Creve Ceour Fall Gathering Saturday and Sunday

Plainfield Library Fundraiser

Dwight Harvest Days – Home of the cutest parade ever, the Basset Waddle

CISAR Fall Festival

Monticello Railway Museum’s Train Days

TAPS Benefit in Mineral Springs Park, Pekin

The Gowin Family and 147 Million Orphans

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The Gowin Family and 147 Million Orphans

Our summer has definitely been a busy one….but we didn’t want to forget to share with you the wonderful family we met at the Lincoln Balloon Festival….The Gowin Family.  We were blessed to have our booth right beside them at the festival.  Their booth was an Adoption Fundraising Booth……they had merchandise for sale from 147 Million Orphans.  We love the T shirts and the jewelry we purchased.  The Gowin’s are in the process of bringing their Son home from Ethiopia.  See their story below…..