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I had the priviledge of face painting for First Christian’s Pancake and Sausage Breakfast this past Saturday.  I signed on just a few days before the event so face painting wasn’t advertised.  I was sure how many kids there would be especially in the early hours but the little ones started coming in around 8 am and I was steady throughout most of the time…

I think I painted every kids that walked through the door, most of the teens and several Mom’s….raising over $130.   The event started at 7 am and it was awesome just to watch everyone in action….it was flawless.  The jr. high and high school teens take shifts…some took several volunteering their time to earn money towards their mission trips.

It took me back several years…to when my daughter Kristi (and partner in this business) took a mission trip to Washington DC and then on to the Dominican Republic….how life changing that was.  How incredible it was this past Saturday to watch these kids cook, serve, wash dishes and clean up….to know that each one of them has the opportunity to change lives and be changed in return.

We serve an awesome God