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Three very exciting tidbits of info to share with our friends…

First… ready for this???… We passed our 1500th site hit today! That means we are being seen, we have faithful friends, and maybe even a few potential clients! The excitement continues to build for us with each new website hit, every blog subscriber, each supportive comment… We truly love the privilege of this job and the people we meet!

Second… Check out the picture! Now you have seen the website, possibly a business card, and here are our 6 foot signs that will be everywhere we go! So, now if you want a Wild Style Design… look for our Zebra print signage in bright green and blue… You can’t miss it!

Look for the Zebra Print!

Finally… we are booking up through the end of the year, and say a little prayer of thanks for each of you that sign up. There are plenty of opportunities to check out our work coming up soon, so stay tuned to find out where we will be this weekend!