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We just have a quick minute to check in, but didn’t want to leave all of our visitors and friends in the dark about where to catch our designers this weekend. We will be at Festivals Galore, and are so excited to paint/henna all of you! Here is the run-down:

Saturday and Sunday: Normal SweetCorn Blues Festival in Uptown Normal. If you have never been here, you don’t want to miss it! Great music, incredible locally grown sweet corn, and fantastic vendors makes this the perfect festival to get everyone in the mood for Fall! Our Designers will be performing “Wild Fairies” in collaboration with The Glitter Fairies, as well as our premier all-natural henna tattoos (which have been lasting 2-5 weeks!) Check out these links for more infomation:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Wild Style Design Company are the EXCLUSIVE body art vendors at the Lincoln Balloon Festival – both Locations! We will be at the Airport Friday and Saturday, and downtown between the two parks all three days. Make sure to check out the online schedule and plan your balloon ride (after getting your face painted of course!). Also, if you have never seen in, the Balloon Glow Friday night is BREATHTAKING! Wild Style will be offering face and body art for children and adults – and may even have time to fit in some Henna! Here is the link with more infomation:

Also Saturday, you can catch Shelly, invited back again to Leroy Fall Festival, where the painting is complimentary, courtesy of Pat’s Garden Shop from 1-3 pm for children…

And Finally, find Lauren and JP supporting this Derby’s cause our at the Interstate Center… Where face painting costs whatever you want it to! (Tips only please) So come on out for the action and get your face painted and glitter tattoos from our friends, The Glitter Fairies! Doors open at 4 pm.

(Check out the pic of two of our BEST customers!)