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As our Co-Owners formed Wild Style Design Company, we always had a goal of a company that benefits our families and maintains the integrity of building relationships and treating others right. In the first few seconds of our company’s official¬†existence, we agreed unanimously on one thing specifically – that it was our goal to befriend and respect other businesses in this entertainment industry. Never would we have imagined to have been blessed enough to actually form some very real friendships out of this goal, but we have! …And we now consider it one of the best perks of the job – to always be building meaningful relationships and expanding the circle of friendship that is so important to us personally. The Glitter Fairy was one of the first companies we communicated with, and offered the warmest reception. We have become fast friends, and so we only felt the next natural step was to introduce our old friends to some of our new ones. So, without further ado, meet our friends, The Glitter Fairies!

WSDC: Who ARE The Glitter Fairies?

Jen Dena: Owner, Computer and Marketing Guru, Tattoo Designer, and Head of Operations (among other things). Jen is an incredible woman and has designed a good majority of the over 300 tattoo design inventory that the company offers. Jennifer has written code and deciphered for many years, and is currently studying to be a CSI, which we think just ups her “cool” factor completely! We have also decided NEVER to leave our finger prints around her ūüėČ

Barbara is Jen’s mother – and like most mothers, the “force” behind the scenes. Barbara is an accomplished artist with a background in oil painting, not to mention that she is a writer and a quilter in her spare time. Barb was formally educated as a Home¬†Economics teacher but found that to not be NEARLY challenging enough, she opened a professional recruiting firm in Georgia. She has also open and run two successful floral shops as well as taught her mastery in floral design. What an amazing woman!

Both Jen and Barb see giving to the community in whatever manner as a moral obligation, which is why you will frequently see their company at fundraisers. They have a passion for children and animals, and their team feels that working in harmony and happiness is vital – we couldn’t agree more! (I bet you can see why we love these girls already!)

WSDC: How did The Glitter Fairy come to exist?

The great idea was hatched after Barbara attended FABAIC National Convention for body art work… Then, seeing an untapped source to add to body work entertainment in Bloomington Normal, The Glitter Fairy was born! Since it’s inception a year ago, TGF is now booked solidly into next year as the public has seen the popularity of the tattoos – especially with the addition of our Wild Fairies, a collaboration with Wild Style Design Company.

WSDC: What makes your Fairies experts in their field?

More goes into a “simple” glitter tattoo that meets the eye. To the uneducated viewer, this looks like a simple process, but in essence take an extensive amount of research and trial and error. This not a craft that can be “picked up” on the first try without plenty of training. Jen Dena, the owner, has taken very special care to make sure your experience with her Fairies is the best their is! Which each of her four teams trained to exhibit the utmost in customer service, a complete variety of options, and a very unique experience, your child will always have a blast in their chair. TGF has committed to excellence, and only offers the best, most skin-safe products for your experience. The have mastered the process in their hours of professional training and with TONS of on-site experience. (It’s quite amazing to see it all come together.)

WSDC: Wait a Minute, What IS a glitter tattoo?

Offering glitter, mica, and UV tats now, they are temporary (lasting up to a week), customizable, and pretty much water-proof. See their website listed below and always on our home page for more information.

WSDC: What is the best thing about your job?

The only thing Jen loves the most is laughter if children, being able to take her time and make that child or adult feel special during their time in the chair. There is no rushing, and everything is tailored to each person’s wishes.

WSDC: What Summer Events are you looking forward to the most this year?

We are looking forward to the festivals in Normal, El Paso, Clinton, and Bloomington the most – as we did those last year… BUT there are many more we are attending so it will be an exciting summer! We have an extremely large Gig coming up which will be revealed soon!

***TGF is extremely proud to be one of the business sponsors to the McLean County Missfits roller derby team as their goals are very similar – to support the community and local charities.


To summarize, we wanted to share our friends’ business with you because we feel this is an extremely unique industry that is multi-faceted. We (WSDC and TGF) could have become enemies in our area – competing for jobs and trying to edge one another out. But instead, we are very respectful of one another, and admire the way our businesses compliment the other. We are working together instead of against each other in competition. This is a large area, with a population that LOVES body art, and there is plenty of room for all!

Moving forward, we will NEVER offer glitter tattoos. We have made a commitment to our friends, who would never become our direct competition by painting. We have a complete respect and love for each other’s services, and that’s where our customers benefit!

Being the first collaboration of this sort anywhere CLOSE to Central Illinois, our customers will find many surprises this Summer at festivals and private parties across the area, such as:

-discount coupons for choosing body art from BOTH companies

-Wild Fairies… maybe the best new invention in the body art world!

-The option to hire a designer from EACH COMPANY to come to your party together! Now you don’t have to choose!

I know this has gotten long-winded, but it is our hope that you come to know and love The Glitter Fairy as much as we do this Summer – and understand the moral compass we have established by respecting each others business and committing to NEVER bringing each other harm. We also hope that you all are able to learn as we have to pick your life battles and allies well, and look forward to the sweet surprise of the friendship that may wait for you just around the corner!

Have a beautiful week!