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Wild Style is so excited about this coming weekend, and just wanted to give everyone a quick update before we hit the road…

Oglesby Summer Fun Festival: Thursday through Sunday. Shelly will be returning to this great festival with her staff, completing her fourth year of painting for this great community. Faces start at $3, and ¬†for a little “something extra” we will have a henna artist on site Thursday and Sunday as well. Henna pricing starts at $5.

Blues, Brews, and BBQs Festival in Champaign-Urbana: Friday 5-midnight and Saturday noon to midnight. Kristi will be returning to Champaign for the second weekend in a row, following The Taste. Wild Style was such a hit last week, that we took the BBB Fest up on returning with something a bit different than patrons saw last week… We can always paint kids’ masks, but in the adult area of the Festival, you will find INSANE Tribals, Old School “Tats,” and our Signature Bodywraps (partial body painting). We will also feature our premier henna artist Saturday for the majority of the day. All pricing begins at $5. See you there!

When we have a minute for a breather in the next few weeks, we will post some GREAT pics from our Grand Opening/Designer Showcase last night. The turnout was amazing, our designers’ work continued to impress, and the beginning of new relationships were so exciting!

Have a great weekend!