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This past Sunday may have been our most emotional event yet. We were completely humbled to be a part of a benefit for a very special family. We were able to raise over $100 for the Brady family, as they celebrated Jamie, and her return to them… and to herself.

We can’t say thank you enough to these special families for allowing us to be a part in such an amazing day. We literally laughed AND cried! It was remarkable to see how far Jamie has come – probably as close to witnessing a real-life miracle as it will ever come! It was priceless to see their girls lit from within with such an undeniable joy to have their mother in their lives. And, it was completely BREATHTAKING to be near the true love that Jayson Brady has for his wife and daughters.

I have a picture to share of Jaydin Brady(right) with one of her friends from the benefit. Look at the happiness on her face! And little Dru was such an enthusiastic sweetheart too! After I share this picture, I am going to end my post “Jayson Brady style” and type directly to him and Jamie. Thank you so much for reading this one – it’s the closest to my heart…

Happy Zebras!

Jayson and Jamie,

Your story is so touching. Reading your journal has completely change me. It has taught me to openly LOVE the ones I care about. Your path has inspired me to grab the reigns and take charge of my own health. Your open affection has inspired me to be impulsive with my affection for my hubby… even if it means a little PDA from time to time.

I don’t know if you will ever understand the sheer number of people your lives and your story will impact. I am sure you could be completely unaware of the way that you all “shine” with the love you have for one-another. And I hope you learn that not only are you effecting and inspiring others on a regular basis, but THEIR loved ones are being effected as well… You were truly put on this planet to change your world, and it’s an amazing story to witness…

We couldn’t express the honor, the completely humbling privilege, it was to enter your lives for a bit, and would beĀ ecstaticĀ to cross paths again. May your family be showered with grace, joy, love, and hope.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Kristi and Shelly

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