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We had so much fun Saturday. Kristi painted TONS of kiddos (and a few big kids) at Treasures for Tatum. Tatum is a complete sweet-heart, and we were so welcome by her family and friends. Nancy Todd was our contact, and SUCH a help! I had a blast with you guys and gals, and I thank you for inviting me to be a part of your special event!

Saturday evening was the yearly “Spring Fest” downtown Bloomington. We were surprised to run across quite a few daring guys that were dying to sport tribals. Here is a pic of a really fun group of guys (that saved us from the other half of our pizza!)

Tough Tribals


We always paint TONS of our Ladies Eye Designs, and are humbled at how excited everyone always gets about them. Here are two¬†gorgeous¬†girls who chose to join in the fun…

Small Ladies Eye Designs

Thanks again to Dan, and the rest of the Six Strings Club Staff. You are always so helpful and welcoming. We will be at the club several times over the next year for special events, so check out their calendar at the website below…

Check back in tomorrow for a post and pics from The Welcome Home Jamie Benefit for the Brady Family. Talk about a privilege!