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Wild Style had another outstanding weekend… I guess they are all great, though, if you love your job like we do! Shelly was our March of Dimes girl this weekend, painting at the races for Bloomington AND Peoria! She also logged in a few hours at a local benefit, raising $95 for the Carnahan family… Check out a cute pic from her work this weekend:

Kristi was able to put her family first a bit this weekend, but not before a party for one of the cutest little girls, who INSISTED on being an iguana – no matter how hard we tried to talk her into a fairy princess! Here is a pic of the cutie… but not until AFTER the bounce house, so please ignore the smearing, that was just a result of all the fun Cora had. Below that, is a pic of our most POPULAR girl’s face, our Wild Style Peacock!

So, there you have it – What our Designers were up to this PAST weekend… Now to discuss the future, or give you a little taste, anyway.

Our newest members of the crew are being interviewed this week as we look at adding one final designer for the time being. This would round out our crew of six! Insane, huh? We never imagined how warmly we have been¬†received, and feel so blessed to already have the need to expand to SIX designers total to cover all of the fabulous work that is coming in! Look for JP’s interview later in the week… But for now, here is a list of our team – that our customers have begun calling…


#1 Shelly – Co-Owner, Lead Makeup artist

#2 Kristi – Co-Owner, Lead trainer

#3 JP – Tribal and Graffiti expert, customer service professional

#4 Lauren – Costuming GENIUS, and Theatrical Specialist

#5 Parisa – Henna Expert (Just wait until you see her Henna, it is out of this world)

#6 TBA

We are humbled and honored to call each of these artist members of The Wild Bunch. It is such a privilege to work with such artistic minds, and we can’t wait to introduce them each to our customers ¬†because we are certain you will LOVE what they have to bring to the table this summer!