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Never would we have imagined, that after less than three months into our business, our sweet little customers (and their kind parents) would already be recognizing our signage and our signature look. We are hoping that knowing what to look for will make our designers MUCH easier for you to find this Summer and Fall at Fairs and Festivals across the state. With the exciting discovery that our designers will be appearing at over 100 unique venues in Central Illinois this Summer, you should have no problem at all catching up with one of your favorite body artists at some of your favorite places!

Just Look for the Zebra Print, in our signature Lime and Teal! It’s everywhere these days, on our cards and website… to our banners and tables. Even our tents are blue!!! And how will you recognize a designer? No, we won’t be dressed in blue and green zebra, but you WILL find all of us in fashionable garb that we like to call boho street hip. (Did we make that up?) And you will also have a chance to get to know them each as individuals when we start publishing their interviews and pics next week…

FINALLY our brand-new outdoor banners have arrived and will be on display all weekend! Here is a pic of them stretched out on the floor the second UPS delivered them – it was like Christmas morning for me! Oh, and stay tuned Thursday to find out where we will be this weekend… With over THIRTY hours planned for our designers this coming weekend, you should have no problem finding us!

Take Care!