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Name: Lauren

Title: Wild Style Artist, Theatrical Specialist

mama, friend, daughter, sister, professor, artist….yup. that about sums it up.

Born and raised in southeast MI, I now teach at Illinois State University. I am well entrenched in crazy realm of motherhood with an adorable daughter and son. My world is filled with one surprise after another and I try to take the time to enjoy each and every one. I work professionally and academically in the entertainment design industry as a costume designer and the local community as a facepainter. Originally from the Detroit Area, I came to Bloomington-Normal by way of Athens, GA.  I have lived here 10 years and am very much in love with the community here.

How did I come to WSDC:  I learned the art of facepainting while working for another local company. It is through that organization that I met Shelly and Kristi.  In them I found incredible mentorship, artistry, friendship and the ability to balance a love of both this art and life. They have both taught me so much and continue to do so.  I love being able to share this art with the community.  I am a “people” person, so this is an ideal adventure for me. Furthermore, I adore  the joy that painting brings to the faces in our community.

What makes me a specialist in my area:
I have been working in the entertainment design community since I was 16 years old with professional contracts as a Costume Designer over the last 15 years.  Along the way this has enabled me to become fairly accomplished in costume technology (patterning, sewing and creation of costume items), costume design and stage makeup.  I even had a large role in running a thriving haunted house during college (yay for zombies and blood & gore!). I also have spent much time learning watercolor and gouache practices which have really helped me to learn facepainting techniques. Currently, I am the Head of Costume Design at Illinois State University and I work regularly with the Illinois Shakespeare Festival and other regional theatres.

Favorite color:  Green! But in the words of my kids, “I love ALL the colors in the rainbow!”

Song to design to:  Oh….just about anything that is upbeat and makes me want to dance.

Summer treat: cookie dough ice cream with hot fudge and caramel


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” ~Pablo  Picasso

Personal mantra:
“Remember yesterday. Dream of tomorrow. Live for today.”

What/Who inspires me:
I can find inspiration in nearly everything. I just have to look at it from the right angle.