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We thought you all would enjoy “meeting” each of our designers so that you are familiar with us when you see us out and about. We are going to begin with Shelly…

Name: Shelly

Title: Co-Owner, Designer, Lead Makeup Artist

About: Married 32 years, Mother of three grown children, Grammy of four wonderful little ones

How did you come to Wild Style?

The decision to open WS kind of happened overnight, but once we decided, it was full steam ahead! Our backgrounds and experiences have served us well. The Lord has blessed so many things and it has been so exciting!

What makes you a specialist in your area of expertise?

I have been a face painter for nine years and a makeup artist for over 20 years. I train weekly on face and body art – both with paint and makeup. I received makeup artistry training through Columbia College makeup artistry program, have taken hair courses in LA and completed HDTV and Special Effects classes with Last Looks Makeup Academy.

Favorite Color: Teal

Favorite Design: Swirls and Animal Prints

Favorite Song to Design To: Anything Jack Johnson

Favorite Summer Treat: Strawberry Mango Cooler from Culver’s

Favorite Quote: “You can eat a whole elephant – One bite at a time!”

What/Who inspires you? “I have a passion for serving people and believe you can learn something from every personality.”