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Happy 2013 everyone! We are getting SO EXCITED about what we have lined up in 2013 for our clients, customers, and designers that we can’t hardly STAND it!

2012 was beyond our “Wildest” dreams! Our owners were certain that it would be a modest crew of two for at least the first few years in operation. So, we were as surprised as anyone when we expanded to train other artists to join The Wild Bunch. To date, we are operating with SEVEN professional designers who are each fully trained in their respective art. The people in our life and in our business are incredible – each different from the next!

in the first 9 months of business, Wild Style logged gigs at OVER 200 separate VENUES! This doesn’t account for multiple painter bookings OR multiple day bookings at the same place. The excitement that a new choice and a fresh take has generated in Central Illinois has been staggeringly humbling. It’s incredible to build a business together that people are genuinely excited about. It’s so exciting to expand and grow with each client adding to the pool of amazing people we have the honor of interacting with!

With the missions statement of creating “The NEXT generation of face painting for Central Illinois,” and standards of heightened artistry, impeccable customer service, and continuous growth – we have been able to offer so many artistic options for our clients and customers that are new and different! Last year, we offered or introduced to the area:

-A new, exciting look in Children’s Face Painting (for the young… AND young at heart!)

-Henna artistry led by an expert designer exhibiting the best the area has to offer in traditional and trendy mehndi.

-Our trademark Diva Designs… Highly glittered, glamorous, cosmetic eye designs for women. These have been done at Galas, Bike Shows, Women’s Night Out events, etc. It’s pretty cool to offer something that “Wows” the way these do!

-Painted Tribal “Tats” and Body Graffiti. This includes our signature graffiti style cause ribbons, and definitely caters to a more grown up crowd.

-CABs (Customized Advertising Bodywraps) Translation: family friendly body painting featuring logos, products, companies, etc. These have and will be featured at places like auto shows, expos, and opening events.

While the mastery of these skills has been a blast this year, we feel well-versed enough to expand what we have to offer… and WHERE we offer it! (How’s that for a teaser?)

This Friday, January 11th, will be an exciting day for Wild Style Design Company. We will be launching into the next phase of our company, and let me just promise you now…

“You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!”

So, stay tuned, watch the facebook page and subscribe to the blog – because this will be HUGE!