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One of the true blessings of this unique business is the people we meet. We have such an opportunity to touch so many people. Sometimes the meeting is just a casual, fun experience for all as we chatter with the parents and the child in our chair. Other times, our path crosses with someone we have the chance to have a profound effect on, or they on us. Every time I am out and about, I am always excited to meet others and thrilled at the chance to continue building relationships with clients, customers, and children alike.

This coming week is no exception, as Wild Style has been invited to take part in a very special Fair. The 63rd annual Heart of Illinois Fair will run today, July 13 through Saturday July 21, and I don’t even know where to begin listing all of the amazing activities and sources of entertainment… The HOI Fair is located at Peoria’s Expo Gardens on Northmoor Rd. I have ended this entry with their website so you can get detailed directions and a calendar of events. Wild Style has been hired to paint all hours that the Family Fun Zone is open. This is weekdays 4-8 pm and weekends 1-8 pm. Thanks to very generous sponsors (found on the HOI website), face painting will be completely FREE to patrons at the fair during these hours. We will be offering our outstanding Wild Masks, Mini Masks, and are always willing to surprise children and adults as well.

We can’t wait to find out who all we will meet along the way, and are looking forward to a long relationship with the HOI Fair. Make sure to come out sometime in the next nine days for unique features like:

Bags Tournament, BBQ Cook-off, First Annual 5K Run, Rising Stars Singing Contest, and a balloon artist from The Unique Twist to name a few…

See you soon!